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The donations collected will be used as necessary, in the projects in which it is engaged Dikesalute.
Dikesalute Projects
Our aim is to be simply ourselves.

Unfortunately, in the year 2016 the project was not realized. The promoters, however, though not all, have continued to embrace the idea enough to recur to organize it in 2017…

Startup Nepalese who chose a small village of Mithileshwar Nikash for his first construction project…

A project that aims to build a multipurpose facility called “Gumba” or “Dome”…

Support for Himalayan communities in maintaining their culture and hemp, putting them in a position to manage an entire production chain aimed…

How much worth?
Have you ever asked this question honestly?
Take a second before clicking on the button at the bottom and, when you do, keep in mind that any 'value' you will be given, can not exceed 1, yourself, a, alone, single, human being in the middle to…
One day, I chose
I do not believe in coincidences, to consider everything that appears as real as a great film, recite any portion so asked me. I quit 'I want to do' for, simply 'be'.
Firma Simone Fagherazzi
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